Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday April 18, 2010

Well, it is nearly over for this month golly how the time slips away.  Have you ever gone to the mail box not expecting anything but bills, it seem like that is all I ever get sometimes a few ATCs or something else that I have traded for.  Well yesterday, there was this little bundle in my mail box, and I was suprised when I saw the return address it was from Sandy Popa.  I was excited to see what it was I thought she had sent me some trading cards or something.  Well, I started unwrapping, unwrapping, and unwrapping, and there low and behold were wonderful little jewelry parts, little rhinestones, charms, bits of chain, some tiny sterling beads and charms, and a chocker style sterling necklace, I cant list all of the items here.  She also added a note that said it was a RAK (for those not in the know that is a Random Act of Kindness).  Well only one other time have I been surprised like this was about 4 or 5 years ago, it was late at night when I went to get the mail and out side my door was the large grocery sack full of interesting beads and parts of jewelry in an (old) mustard jar, and a really old Alka Selzer bottle the tall one that the tablets fit in and small glass pill bottles filled with beads, and I have never found out who left it on my door step but I am glad they did.  But Sandy was sweeter and let me know who gave the RAK and I cant imagine doing something like this for someone you dont even know more than through the email such thoughtfullness from a friend.  It made my day you can not believe how happy it made me.  If you check out the jewelry, you will find I have added two more items.  One a Mary Engelbriet (spelling) beaded band watch, and my new bracelet I have been working on for a week.  I hope all enjoy.

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