Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday April 4, 2010

Well it has been a long and hard week it seems for every step I took I went back 7 working on this blog.  But my friend Valerie Brindcheck helped me all along the way and rescued me 9 million times.  She did the art work for my banner and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her help with this blog.

Now I have a quick story to tell.  You will notice that the name Lady Faith is use a lot in this blog.  Well for anyone that has known me for more than 50 years they know the story.  My daddy named me and being a southern gentleman, he named in the fashion at the time with a double first name and when I was christened I was given the name Barbara.  Well I used Lady Faith until the beginning of the 4th grade and I changed it to Barbara because I was tired of being teased about my first name.  Well to shorten the story I have begun to like as I grew older.  So that is the story.  It has been a wonderful day here just like a normal spring in West Texas uppers 80's and breezy.  I hope this next week will go well for all of us.  Live life like you mean it, laugh like you mean it and last but certainly not least love like you mean it.

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