Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainy Friday

Living on the North Easter edge of the Chihuahuan Desert rain is a rare occurance and today is one of those rare occurances, but rain is a good thing, the day is cool and lovely.  You know life is good when you can appreciate a little bad weather or maybe it is really true that I was born when the earth was cooling.  According to the newspapers and tv all fireworks displays, the parade and all 4th of July festivities have been cancelled, well so much for that, part of the child hiding in this Old Model '37 Body, I cant even get the muse musing on how to come up with an alternative, maybe next weekend.  The Queen and the Queen Mother took the Grand Duchess to Church Camp in Big Sandy, Texas alllllllllllllllllll the way across Texas to just 80 miles west of the Louisanna State Line.  We went first to Queens's Castle in Eastland, and stayed the night.  Then on down the trail again for another 4 hours to Big Sandy.   The Grand Duchess had to check in by 3:00 p.m. and boy was she excited.  We got her there and checked in and looked over the camp and "store" and left money in her account.  The dormitories were big buildings with open screened windows around all four sides, no air conditioners in sight.  I would tell you it was hot, but the flies and other flying insects could only soar about 4 inches off the ground, the air was so thick.  Big Sandy is in the Piney Woods of Texas.  The town is about a blink in size, blink and when you have open your eyes you missed your turn for I-20.  The Queen and Queen Mother left her for a week of uninterrupted pleasure for the camper and the the Queen and I.  For the first day of freedom, the Queen, and I wandered around the castle (Eastland) in pj's and read, and napped, the next day we waited on the plummer and then went to Weatherford, a 2 blinker town and looked around at little stores on the square.  I indulged my whimsey and went to the bead store (of course) and on down the street to where the Queen has made friends with the people that own the store.  Then on to the Tesky's Western store in the 2 blinker town, and boy did we find a sale, they had two racks with 95% off of the merchandise can you believe it.  The Queen spent $200 and saved $1200.  An example I bought a dress for $7.80 the original price was $159.95.  Now why I did now buy the other one I dont know, it was to small, but my thinking cap was askew and I didnt thing about the material in the dress being used another way for all sorts of ideas.  Of course I have kicked myself several times, and now try not to think about the stupid thing I did of not picking up stuff for the materials to be used.   Before the ten days were up, I felt like we were gypsies running up and down the highway from 2 blinkers to cities like Ft. Worth.  As the time grew less and less, I began to pack my treasures and trash and stash of goodies and found that I had a car full.  We treked back to camp to pick up the two girls and came back to the castle, to clean it up and close up for a couple of weeks.  Then back to our own 2 1/2 blinker, well  maybe 3 blinker because we do have Michaels,  Hobby Lobby , Lowes and Home Depot here. The trip was really a fun time by all I hope.  We had some mishaps, but nothing we couldnt fix I hope. 

I have added some hair jewelry that I make for the Grand Duchess' birthday, that was this week and I hope that she enjoys it and I hope that each and everyone of the readers, followers enjoy looking at it.  Come back from time to time and see what I do sometime when I am not putting on all my jewelry, and full skirts and running up and down the highway in the caravan.