Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Well, we just 3 more shopping days left for shopping each and everything, the food, the presents, and the normal things that make a household run.  I know everyone is probably running around like chickhens with their head cut, and then wrapping and cooking, the unwrapping, cleaning up the mess, eating and playing games, then falling down to sleep after it all over.  Sometimes Christmas is like taking a long vacation, packing and traveling, getting there running doing everything you planned to do  packing again to travel home, unpacking and collasping to rest up from the vacation.  I dont know for sure how the weather is were all you friends live.  For my weather report today it was dry and 77, forcast for tomorrow it is going to be 79 with no rain in sight and a little wind, but then on Wednesday it is going to be cooler with a high of 74 and on Thursday it will be 72 then on Christmas Eve it themperature will drop 20 degrees and it will only be 52 with a very cold night for us and only 49 degrees for us on Christmas Day.  So we are not suffering any ill effects from bad weather only we have been withou moisture for more than 70+ days without rain. 

I do hope everyone that reads this blog has a blessed and happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.  Thank you for reading my poor weather report just know I am not unhappy with our weather I havent had to dig out a coat yet just a little sweater or sweathshirt.