Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Last Word

This is the Last Word. As usual part of my mind was in a far away land and my body here at the computer. I forgot to put a deadline on the Give Away Contest. I am going to post some DOD Charms the first or second so you just have a week to leave the words of wisdom, praise, a good yelling at or whatever turns floats your boat. Be talking to you soon.

Charm Give Away

Well friends today is another day of this adventure call Life. So far it has been quiet and warm here in the Drought Ridden Southwest. Our state has been plagued with large grass fires and many homes damaged in the eastern part of the state and a few loss of lives. We are starting fall and the temps have dropped considerably but still unseasonably in the mid to high 90's with lots of sunshine. But enough of the boring weather. My grandson Ryan is recovering from a motorcycle accident and seems to be getting some better (I hope). But at 27 he is invincible and invisible, I hope he realizes he is neither after this accident.

I am in a group called Art Charms that swap charms with different themes and I love the group they are a chatty and fun group. We are just finishing a swap called Going Native that was wonderful, we could use bones, sticks, feather, or whatever we wanted so we had to keep in here in the US not International like most of our swaps. I received my charms from the Going Native and they are really wonderful, and well crafted. Our next swap celebrates the Hispanic Celebration Day of the Dead. This is such a cheerful theme for the days after Halloween and you can use Halloweens ideas to incorporate with these Catarina, and Skellies all dressed up in their finery for bracelets. necklaces rings, and earrings. My next post will show some of my stuff for this swap. Last year I made a charm bracelet for DOD and sold it right off my arm so I came home and made a DOD bangle and I still have that one. At chat on Thursday I mention that I was going to have a give away on my blog and I am just getting around to posting it.

You will notice that there is a picture of three pieces and these are the give aways. One is definitely a charm and the other two can be used as charms or chain connectors it is all up to the winner. (Drum Rollllllllll) All you need to do is leave a comment for the blog to get in you name in the drawing and a random name will be chosen for the winner. Ready on your mark get set go. Now it is up to you. Have fun and smile, laugh and dream.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Day in the life of a RETIRED Teacher

Well on September 7, 2011 my youngest grandson Ryan had a motorcycle accident and had a head and eye injury and we have had him in the hospital twice since that time. But until we see the Brain DR. tomorrow we just know that right now he is doing better and is at home with his mom and dad. I have been doing a some of jewelry, but this summer it has been so hot I haven't done much but try to stay cool. I have decided to do a contest for my blog visitors that leave commments about my jewelry. To be announced later after I finish this latest charm swap I am in for the Art Charms group.
I want to start doing some polymer clay I am doing some research on it as it has changed so much since 80's when I made my chili necklaces. There are so many different kinds and brands now that are available here in the BIG O. Really have found a lot of information on the web and have a couple of good books. I have even gotten some Faux Bone to work with and I am excited about that also. I will keep you posted on the latest undertakings, and the good work and the screw ups also.