Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Well it is hot today, nearly 100 degrees, but the last few day it has been hotter than this.  I love spring and summer.  I love the few flowers that I have in my containers are blooming.  In the evenings here in the desert it is very nice outside on the patio.  I have been doing a lot of ATCs some have been published here on my blog and some have not as of yet.  I have gotten a couple or three new stamps for my metal work and lots of new ideas.  Been off my feed a little since Mother's Day and now I am getting back on track.  My steampunkers mother and grandmother and I are planning a trip to take the Grand Duchess to church camp for a week and we are going to stay at the house on the golf course near the lake.  Planning on taking the dogs but at this time I am not sure.  When we come back I am going to make some more jewelry.  While we are there going to practice some zentangling.