Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Last Word

This is the Last Word. As usual part of my mind was in a far away land and my body here at the computer. I forgot to put a deadline on the Give Away Contest. I am going to post some DOD Charms the first or second so you just have a week to leave the words of wisdom, praise, a good yelling at or whatever turns floats your boat. Be talking to you soon.

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  1. Barbara ~

    Thank you for liking my FB page. I appreciate it very much!

    I just spent some time going through your jewelry gallery. You have quite an eclectic body of unique work here. "Create, Love & Laugh Bracelet", "Key To My Heart" and your 'people' pieces were my favorites and especially inspiring. They remind me I'm still holding back from making some of the different and non-mainstream designs and ideas bumping around in my head. Thank you for sharing your inspirational work.