Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting ready for fun

Summer is quickly winding down.  It was a very fun summer, and very hot after a cool start.  July was a cool month for us here on the northeastern corner of the Chihuahuan Desert but it was pure chaos around here went to Eastland twice this summer and one time I had Princess Penny and Grand Duchess Faith and we stayed a week.  My car got over heated on the trip when we took the girls to camp and I had to buy a new one because of trouble in Saturn Land of Nevermore.  I got a Fusion SEL a four cylinder and it has lots of nice extras.  My dogs are having fun this summer playing and going for some rides.  I have been busy making jewelry and getting ready to go to my high school reunion.  I am making big plans to have some fun. I hope I get to see a lot of  people that I haven't seen before.  Time marches on and we are all getting older. I hope everyone has a good time, but you that is optional it is kind of like attitudes you can choose to have fun or not.  I choose to have fun.  I talked to Linda Sumeral Gruer the other day and I am going to work the registration table for a while Friday afternoon.  I am having fun making the jewelry I have enter some art in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine Artisans Search 2011 some of  Dance with A Dolly series and a pin take a look at my jewelry and see them or go to
and take a look at them.  By now.

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